Tuesday, 9 July 2013

OOTD - The baroque print skirt

It was so easy just to do black on black with this gorgeous baroque print skirt by City Chic, but decided to throw another colour in there and I feel like I did it justice.
I have been wanting to do an OOTD post with this skirt for so long and I finally had a chance to do it yesterday.

I went into work for one of our Matariki events yesterday at the library and this was the outfit I quickly put together.  I had a whole other outfit prepared for my Aussie Curves Colour Clash post, but it didnt work out so its back to the drawing board with that one.

So this was my OOTD;

Skirt - City Chic
Jacket/ Stockings - City Chic
Sheer top - Sara
Boots - Cotton On
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelets - Equip
Earings - Equip

Love and light xox.

How did you style your braoque print skirt?

Monday, 1 July 2013

Aussie Curves - Pink

This week it is all about being pretty in PINK :) 

I love bright colours and Pink is definitely a colour that features a lot in my wardrobe. I can't say it's one of my favourite colours, but I gravitate towards this colour always.

Because I have so much PINK to pick from, it made it hard to pick what I wanted to wear, so I decided to go with the newest PINK items I have recently added to my wardrobe and today it's all about the accessories.
So lets start off with the Pink stockings, I love these Stockings, so gorgeously bright and they are sure to get some attention wherever I go. I got these from the WE LOVE COLORS website, they are great quality and comfortable, they don't slip down at all and I have had these for at least two months. I love the fact that they are totally Opaque and I love that I get to wear some funky coloured stockings this winter. 

My dress and jacket are repeat blog offenders, but I should say that since I got this dress it has been my GO TOO dress, I love it is my most favourite BUY of this year.

Both of these bangles I bought from TS14 and the earrings I got from my mum aren't they just cute. 

I have to say thanks to my Sister as these boots belong to her, I couldn't find my own boots I was going to wear, but these are totally comfortable. I love this seasons boots and the thick heels too. 

Jacket - Asos Curve
Dress - City Chic
Boots - Kmart
Stockings/tights/hoisery - We love colors
Bangles - TS14+
Earrings - Gifted
Watch - Michael Kors

So that is my PINK outfit this week, I hope you like. 

Love and Light xox.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Lush Haul

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Michael Kors Addict

I thought I should share.

Ok, I am officially a Michael Kors addict, please someone sort things out, I don't know how I am going to handle this addiction, anything Michael Kors here in New Zealand is so expensive. The beautiful handbags, purses and my personal favourite at the moment Michael Kors watches. Thankfully the two Michael Kors pieces I do have I got for a very good price for New Zealand standards anyway. Less then half the NZ retail price, I know who's shocked, because I certainly was, I was jumping up and down literally at Smith and Caughey's when she told me the Sale Price.

Number One: 

Michael Kors Madison Chronograph Faux Horn Womens Watch MK5558

Number Two:

Michael Kors Men's Runway Rose-Tone Watch MK8096

Everywhere I look online these same watches are around the NZ$500 - NZ$700 mark, way too expensive for me unfortunately so I can only wait until they are on Sale. I have been trying to look for places where I can order them online and I really want to try ordering them from Amazon, but everyone I know here in New Zealand who has ordered from Amazon in the past have only ever ordered Books or DVDs.

If any New Zealanders who have tried ordering anything other then books from Amazon please let me know how you got on, even if you have any general information about how I can get myself some Michael Kors wears for a better price. I will have to do a dummy run one day.

Love and Light xox.

Aussie Curves - Metallic

Kia ora to my fellow Aussie Curvettes,
Yes I am back, it has been way too long, but I am back up in the mix and hopefully I am here to stay for the rest of the challenges, I will be doing a lot of Catch up posts for everyone to check out too, so please do subscribe or take some time out and check me out.

Of all weeks to return, I come back the METALLIC week, metallic items of clothing have not found there way into my wardrobe often in the past, until very recently, both times they came in the form of leggings and I have been dying to wear them somewhere but there hasn't been an occasion to wear them, so what did I do I wore them to work lol. That's the fun thing about working in a Library we have the freedom to dress the way we want too, of course we have to be tidy, but it doesn't stop us from having fun with fashion.

After all of that it isn't the leggings on display today for Metallic week, I have a dress that I have worn a couple of times, I admit I love the fabric, but the fit isn't the best on me, but I couldn't bring myself to send it back. Those of you who shop at ASOS would have come across this dress and I admit that I didn't realise that there was metallic threads through the dress when I ordered it. (Yep, so you know how often I read the finer details). Anyway I love it, I would wear it more often if the fit was better, so today I decided to rock this dress again for the third time since I bought it.


 Because it's a little more short then I would prefer, I'm rocking it with some Opaque black stockings/tights and because of the extra nip in the air I have put some fishnet stockings of them as well.

Yes you may have noticed I am taking the photos with my iPad and I they are selfies, so I did the best I could. It's getting dark quite early here in Auckland, so by the time I get home its too dark to take any photos and it's too cold as well.


So I chose to accessorise my outfit with more Metallic jewellery and these gorgeous maroon suede booties by Pulp, they are so comfortable too.

Dress - Asos Curve
Booties - Pulp at Hannahs
Ring - City Chic
Bracelet - Diva 
Earrings - Equip 

I am so glad to finally be back my fellow Curvettes. 

Love and Light xox


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

INSTA-CHIC OF THE WEEK @mynameismargaretrose

I forgot to tell you all about my exciting news, this was definitely a reason to celebrate last Friday. I won the Insta-Chic of the Week along with the lovely comments below from City Chic. :)

Congrats to @mynameismargaretrose who has won our INSTA-CHIC OF THE WEEK!

Margaret-Rose always looks insta-chic no matter where she is going and we love her style!

This picture will be featured in next Friday's email newsletter, Instagram, Facebook + Margaret-Rose has won a $50 City Chic Online Voucher!

Keep the fab photos coming via Facebook and Instagram (hashtag #citychiconline) and tell us in 25 words or less 'Why you chose this outfit' - we select a new INSTA-CHIC each week and the winning pic is featured in our email newsletter, Instagram, Facebook AND you will also get a $50 City Chic Online Voucher!
 CC x
#instachicoftheweek #citychic #curves

  I thought this was so cool, so I thought I would post it on my blog. I never really win anything so it was a real shock and I was totally suprised, sorry to say I didn't even realise I had entered a competition. Those sneaky ladies at the City Chic store at St Lukes, Auckland.

Thanks so much City Chic, for making fashionable clothes that fit my Curves perfectly all the time.

Love and Light xox

Happy Birthday OOTD 2013

Hello Everyone,

Well yesterday was my birthday and after two weeks of full on horrible Winter weather,FREEZING COLD TEMPERATURES, RAIN, THUNDER STORMS and miserable GREY SKIES, we had a beautiful sunny day, there was still a pinch in the air, but it was fabulous to wake up to the warm delicious SUN shining through my bedroom windows, I knew it was going to be the beginning of a fabulous day.

Apart from waking up to the delicious Sun, I had some presents waiting for me on my bedside table, now I should tell you that this isn't a usual occurance for me. My husband is wonderful, but to be honest he has never really done gifts that well, although he has bought me things in the past that I have loved, he hasn't ever really bought me a birthday present I didn't already know about it before, even though I spied out some pamphlets that weren't mine, I still really wasn't that sure and I wasn't going to get my hopes up. hehehe

So of course I gave him some cuddles before having a look at them, he has only bought me jewellery one other time which was a necklace and I love it and still have it, I have worn it in another OOTD post.

First present was from Michael Hill Jewellers, some Rose Gold twisted hoop earrings to go with my Rose Gold Michael Kors Watch that I already bought myself for my birthday hehe and............................

these new Pandora charms and clips for my bracelet, so originally I only had six charms, I have been quite slack with my Pandora bracelet, but my husband doubled the amount in one birthday, thanks my darling. I love them, I actually would love anything he bought me himself, because he bought it and that is a big ask hehehe. So my Pandora bracelet is filling up.

So you probably may have realised that my husband stayed home with me for the day, lucky me, we went out to breakfast with an Uncle I share my birthday date with, I couldn't get any photos with him because my phone is out of action for now and my camera was at home. But I managed to get a couple of photos up on Instagram of my OOTD. Here they are!! I love this combination of colours and I have been wanting to wear this dress for a long time now but I hadn't got the opportunity to wear it until yesterday.



I loved this outfit of the day, Casual but pretty.

We pretty just mucked around for the day, went to go and see how much it will cost to be my phone fixed, then we both had a nap when we got home. My sister and husband bought Chinese for tea, which was nice we didn't have to cook anything and then, then we had a yummy birthday Cheescake, with was delicious the combination of Almonds and Passionfruit it undeniably one of my favourite Cheesecake combinations. It was yum then to top it of my Sister had a few pressies for me as well. I had a wonderful day it my pretty OOTD.


(This photo doesn't do these colours justice unfortunately, I love them)

Thanks to everyone who was apart of my special day, to my husband I love you with all my heart, thank you for loving me just the same, Mum and Dad love you's soo much, to my sisters and brothers who are always there for me, Love yous and your families as well,
thanks to my facebook family for all the birthday wishes too.

Dress - Asos Curve
Cardi - Garage from The Warehouse
Belt - City Chic
Ballet flats - The Number One Shoe Warehousse
Watch - Micharl Kors
Earrings - Michael Hill Jeweller
Bracelet - Pandora
Glasses - Rubi

Love and Light xox.